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Pricing your 3D prints is daunting, especially when you just start making money with your 3D printer. You might ask yourself: How much should I charge for 3D printing on demand? Is electricity a significant factor in the calculation? What about the return on my total investment? How should I value my time?

While there are existing calculators online, we noticed that they often fall short, either missing essential costs or being overly complex.

We’ve developed our own 3D print pricing calculator, a user-friendly tool that includes all necessary costs.

Once you’ve input your data, the calculator will generate a detailed breakdown of your costs, considering factors such as material expenses, electricity consumption, and the value of your time and expertise.

With our 3D print pricing calculator, you’ll have the tools to make informed decisions and confidently price your prints. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to cover your costs or a business owner aiming to optimize your pricing strategy, our calculator supports you every step of the way.

Try our calculator, and take the guesswork out of pricing your 3D prints!

3D Print Cost Calculator

Material Cost
Filament Spool Weight (in grams): *
Filament Spool Cost: *
Object Weight (g): *
Print Time (in minutes)
Labour Cost
Preparation Time (Hours)
Hourly Rate
Post Processing Time (Hours)
Hourly Rate
Power Consumption (Watts)
Energy Cost (kWh)
Markup (%): *
Final Price
Final Price

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