The 20 Best 3D Printed Fidget Toys

Marcello De Lio

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The best 3d printed fidget toys on the bed of an Anycubic Kobra 2 3D printer

In a world that’s always buzzing with distractions, the simple act of fidgeting is our mind’s quiet rebellion against the constant demand for attention. I’ve found my hands seeking solace in the rhythmic dance of a fidget toy during long hours of work or moments of intense thought.

The tactile feedback and repetitive motion are surprisingly soothing. 3D printed fidget toys are small, powerful tools to help focus and alleviate stress.

The allure of 3D printed fidget toys lies not just in their ability to distract or calm the restless mind but also in the customization and accessibility that 3D printing technology offers. Whether it’s the precise click of a switch, the smooth glide of a spinner, or the complex movements of a mechanical puzzle, you can easily find and print the right fidget toy for you.

Armed with the desire to delve into the world of 3D printable fidget toys, I explored various designs, mechanisms, and materials, all in pursuit of finding the most satisfying, engaging, and innovative toys that can be created right from the comfort of one’s home.

Fidget Cube

A yellow 3d printed folding cube
(Photo by Marcello/3D Print Mentor)

Imagine a cube that keeps folding in on itself and never ends. That’s what you get with the Fidget cube. This infinite fidget cube is satisfying to play with and mind-bendingly fun.

Fidget Ring

A fidget ring around a person’s index finger with an FDM 3d printer in the background
Describe the print. (Source: makkuro)

Conceal your fidgeting obsession with a disguised ring around your finger. This is one of my favorites because it is small and easy to carry. The maker included many sizing options, so you can print one that fits you perfectly.

Fidget Cog

Fidget Gear 3d printed petg
(Source: NTT)

The fidget cog is a small yet captivating fidget toy. Simply rotate and translate the center hub through the frame and watch it spin around.

Four Point Spinner

four point star fidget spinner 3d printed pla
(Source: infamousriz)

This fidget spinner is a fun take on the classic spinner. Instead of having three arms that rotate about the center, this one features four points that more resemble a ninja star.

Nested Planetary Gear Spinner

A 3D Printed Nested Planetary Gear Spinner
(Photo by Marcello/3D Print Mentor)

This mighty gear is crafted as a single piece printed in place. It’s actually two spinning wheels that are mesmerizing and don’t require assembly. The smooth movement and satisfying spinning sound are so soothing.

Joy Stick Fidget

A 3d printed fidget joystick in blue pla filament on the textured pei sheet of a 3d printer
(Photo by Marcello/3D Print Mentor)

Get ready for some seriously satisfying fidgeting with this cool joystick toy! It’s like a blast from the past with its print-in-place classic game controller vibes. The simple design mimics classic game controllers with a joystick that moves and clicks.

Wankel Rotary Engine Fidget Toy

Wankle Rotary Engine 3d printed fidget toy pla petg
(Source: Mobious)

The Wankel engine spins and glides with a mesmerizing motion! Like the real engine, it’s got an internal rotor that smoothly spins around it’s uniqly shaped housing.

Manual Gear Shift Fidget

PRNDL Gear Shist Ring Fidget Toy 3d printed petg or pla
(Source: Michael Fanta)

Rev up the excitement with this 3D printed manual gear shift fidget! This fidget toy brings back the classic sensation of shifting gears in a car, letting you embrace the racing driver within. It’s also a ring so you’ll never forget to bring it with you.

The Original Fidget Cube

the original 3d printed fidget cube
(Source: CThig)

The original fidget cube offers six sides with different fidget gadgets. The 3D printed cube showcases a spinning circle, a movable switch, a finger maze, an indentation, and a tunnel. Each side makes sure that your fidget needs will never go unsatisfied.

Cassette Keychain Fidget Toy

Cassette 3d printed fidget toy key chain pla or petg or abs
(Source: Big Over Easy)

Take in the nostalgia with the Vintage Cassette Keychain. A cool keychain that also doubles as a fidget toy. Spin the tiny tape reels whenever you feel like it, helping you stay focused and not drift off.

This blast from the past is a real conversation piece.

Revolving Gears

revolving gears 3d printed fidget toy pla
Describe the print. (Source: KASINATORHH)

Embark on a sensory journey with the Intertwined Revolving Gear Fidget Toy. It’s not just a toy but a captivating fidgeting experience. Engage with the spiraling gears, transforming idle moments into a satisfying and mesmerizing escape. I do find it small; so I sized it to 150% in my slicing software.

Classic Fidget Spinner

A blue 3D printed fidget spinner on the textured bed of a 3d printer
(Photo by Marcello/3D Print Mentor)

Are all these other fidget toys overly complicated and not very interesting? If that’s the case and you prefer just the simple classic, here it is. This classic fidget spinner began the fidget toy revolution. Print yours today with a flashy filament color of your choice.

Fidget Twister

3d printed fidget twister toy made from pla
(Source: Devin Montes)

3D printed twisted toys are popular because of the satisfying sound they make when you spin the dial. Thanks to the top and bottom caps holding the ring in place, flip it at your leisure and enjoy its rhythmic descent. I like to print the fidget twister with tri-extrusion PLA because it looks so nice when it twists.

UFO Fidget Toy

ufo 3d printed fidget toy multicolored print made from pla
(Source: Jon Cleaver)

This UFO fidget toy fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and features an easy-to-spin side edge. The concealable fidget toy helps you maintain concentration and focus while relieving stress.

Nut and Bolt Fidget Toy

Nut and bolt 3d printed fidget toy
(Source: Blech Eimer)

Nothing says tinkering quite like a nut and bolt. If you are a proud tinkerer, you may be interested in this nut-and-bolt fidget toy. You can print it in different colors to customize it to your liking. I prefer to print it smaller so it fits in my hand nicely, but if you prefer having a two-handed fidget toy, you can always print it bigger.

Cookie Spinner Toy

mini coockie oreo 3d prined fidget toy made with ulticoloured pla
(Source: Jon Cleaver)

Similar to the UFO fidget toy, this cookie spinner resembles the classic Oreo cookie. Simply spin the delicious cream filling.

Mini Clicker

A white fidget toy on the bed of a 3D printer
(Photo by Marcello/3D Print Mentor)

Printed in under 30 minutes, the Miniature Hand Clicker offers a speedy stress-relief fix and ultimate concentration. This small 3D-printed fidget toy doesn’t need any glues, supports, assemblies, or complicated post-print steps. What I love most is that it is completely printed in place. Just ensure you don’t use supports because they’re impossible to remove without destroying the print.

Toggle Button Fidget Toy

Mini Push button fidget toy 3d printed using pla
(Source: 3d-printy)

I don’t know about you, but when I see a button, I automatically feel like pressing it (especially if it tells me not to). These buttons are an awesome addition to your fidget toy collection. I prefer to customize mine with a red button because, let’s face it, red buttons are more pushable than any other colors.

Fidget Rings

figet rings 3d printed with ender 3 and pla
(Source: Merlin1974)

Stay engaged with this 3D-printed fidget ring as it rotates around a center sphere. Twist each segment to generate satisfying clicks and spins, ensuring hours of captivating fidgeting enjoyment.

Octa-twist Fidget toy

twisting figet toy 3d printed with ender 3 petg pla
(Source: DaveMakesStuff)

The Octa-twist fidget toy is a take on the classic folding fidget cube. Instead, this rendition features many more folds. Get the most out of this toy by printing in two or more colors.

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