15 Best 3D Printed Garden Tools & Accessories

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3d printed plant clip ender 3 v3 ke

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies. 3D printing is a game-changer for green thumbs, offering customized, innovative solutions to common gardening challenges.

Our guide on the 15 Best 3D Printed Garden Tools & Accessories explores fun and innovative ways to use your 3D printer to enhance your garden. From self-watering planters to precision seed planters, our list dives into tools to make your gardening more efficient and enjoyable.

Seed Starter

3d printed gardenign seed starter printed in pla on ender 3
Seed starting tray. (Source: ddspringle)

Starting your garden from seed is tedious. Using a seed starter helps ensure your seeds have the best chance of sprouting before you move them to your garden bed. This seed starter enables me to germinate my seeds indoors, guaranteeing that they’ll have a chance to grow.

Pot Labels

3d printed plant lable for gardening petg pla anycubic ender 3
Plant label stake. (Source: Nother_Ngineer)

Have you ever planted several seeds and then forgotten which is which? I have.

These labels help you keep track of your plants so you don’t forget if that’s an oregano or basil.

Modular Hydroponic Tower

3dprinted and arduino hydroponic grow tower ender 5 and pla
Printable hydroponic tower. (Source: ThatRobotGuy)

A vertical hydroponic tower allows you to maximize your floor space for growing. This 3D-printed hydroponic tower allows you to grow many more plants in a small space.

Hydroponic towers are especially useful in repelling wildlife. Since the plants are situated away from the ground, they will deter garden pests like rabbits from enjoying your food.

The modular design makes it easy to extend the tower as tall as you need.

Bottle Watering Can

water bottle watering can attachment 3d printed using pla
Watering bottle watering can attachment. (Source: mdedm)

One of the best ways to help reduce our environmental footprint is by converting trash into something useful. This print upcycles plastic water bottles into a watering can for your garden.

Plant Clip

3d printed plant clip made using pla and printed with bamboo a1 and petg
(Photo by Mario/3D Print Mentor)

If you have a plant that likes to sprawl across your floor rather than grow tall, then this print is for you. These spring-loaded clips help hold your plant next to a stake, helping it grow straight. You can use these for climbing plants like tomatoes or, in my case, my monstera plant.

Modular Self Watering Pot

modular self watering plant pot 3d printed using pla
Self watering plant pot. (Source: Yamill)

This print is for the gardener who can’t remember to water their plants. It features a self-watering compartment, which ensures your plants never run dry. I recommend printing the pot with a 100% infill to ensure your 3D print is waterproof. You can also seal the interior with eurothane or resin for extra waterproofing.

  • Designed by: Yamill
  • Download Link: Thingiverse

Water Spike

3d printed drip water bottle plant spike printed using pla and ender5
(Photo by Mario/3D Print Mentor)

Here’s another self-watering that reuses old water bottles. When I first printed this out, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the threads were watertight and sealed the bottle perfectly. Every time I go away on a trip, I make sure to print several of them and place them in all my plants to keep them alive until I return.

Seed Planter

3d printed seed planter for gardening made using bamboo labs p1p and pla+
Seed planting tool. (Source: A_Str8)

Seed planting is a tedious task made easy with this 3D printed seed planter. I love the measurement strip built into the side which ensures you always plant your seeds at the correct depth.

Garden Tool Holder

easy garden tool holder 3d printed using pla
Cam holder for tool storage. (Source:luzi )

This print was a miracle for my shed organization. I often struggle to keep a tidy workspace. You’d often find my rakes and shovels lying on the floor or in a messy pile in the corner. But not anymore.

I found the cam-shaped tool holder by Luzi perfect for keeping them neatly tucked away at the back of the shed. The rotating design adjusts to hold all sizes of handles meaning you won’t need to readjust the spacing when you attach it to your wall.

Garden Rake

hand garden rake 3d printed on ultimaker and red abs filament.
Small light garden hand rake. (Source: tlalexander)

This hand garden rake is quite good at moving around fresh potting mix and soil. I especially like how lightweight it is compared to heavy metal ones. I recommend printing in PETG to handle tougher soils.

Garden Shovel

3d printed garden shovel printed using white pla on ender 3 v3 se without supports
Small light garden shovel. (Source: G4ZO)

This garden shovel is perfect for potting your plants. It’s lightweight, which reduces strain on your wrists, and it’s perfect for small projects. I like to use my printed garden shovel in the house when repotting my plants.

Garden Sprinkler

Garden sprinkler autmated with arduino and 3d printed with pla and ender 3 v3 se
Sprinkler fittings for garden. (Source: barspin)

This neat 3D print makes it easy to water your garden evenly. The hose attachments spin, ensuring all your plants get enough water.

Garden Hose Connector

garden hose coupleing attachment printed using pla
Garden hose connector. (Source: Lazarus666)

If you need to attach hoses together to extend across your yard, consider printing this garden hose connecter. I was shocked that it wasn’t leaking. The tight fitting and watertight seal make it a quick and easy solution to extend my hose’s reach.

Garden Gnome

3d printed garden gnome made from pla and printed on ender 3
(Photo by Mario/3D Print Mentor)

What says gardening is like a cute garden gnome? This year, I personalized my garden with several of these little friends. I really appreciate how clean this print is. It doesn’t require any support, so I could place it in my garden straight off the printer.

Baby Groot Plant Pot

mini groot succulent plant pot 3d printed in wood pla
Baby Groot plant pot. (Source: MakeALeft )

Just because you have indoor succulents doesn’t mean you can spruce them up with a bit of creative personalization. This Groot pot is one of the most popular models on Thingiverse. And for good reason. He’s just so adorable. And the succulent adds a bit of har to the already cute baby Groot.

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