My Favorite 15 3D Printed Gifts for Mother’s Day 2024

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The best 3D Printed Gifts for Mothers Day on the print bed of a Crealtiy Ender 3 V3 KE

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your love and appreciation than with a thoughtful and personalized gift?

If you want to give the perfect gift or need a quick idea because you forgot to buy something, here are my favorite 15 3D printed gifts for Mother’s Day.

Flower Vase

3d printed flowers day gift idea for mothers day
The spiral vase makes for an excellent 3D printed Mother’s Day gift for holding her flowers. (Photo by Mario/3D Print Mentor)

Modern and minimalistic, this vase will surely bring a smile to your mom’s face. I decided to print it in a more neutral off-white filament for a modern aesthetic that matches with every bouquet of flowers.

Roses that Won’t Wilt

Everlasting roses that wont wilt on you 3d printed using pla
Printed roses. (Source: 3DPrinterSuperstore)

You can pair your 3D printed vase with 3D printed roses. Although real roses smell better, these 3D printed flowers last forever.

Spiral Yarn Bowl

3dprinted yarn ball holder mothers day gift idea
The spiral yarn bowl prevents tangles and gives you more time to knit instead of untangling spools of yarn (Photo by Mario/3D Print Mentor)

The Spiral Yarn Bowl is the perfect solution for knitters and crocheters. It prevents tired tangled yarn and messy crafting sessions. I printed this bowl for my mother and it’s saved her countless hours of untagling spools of yard. I scaled up the bowl in my slicer and printed several sizes for different sized yarn balls.

Tea Light Candle Holder

3d printed tea light candle holder petg
(Photo by Mario/3D Print Mentor)

This tea light candle holder is a stylish addition to any space. I expected it to deform and melt, but surprisingly, it didn’t. The candle holder also features a clean, minimalistic style, which looks good in any space

Note: I recommend printing the candle holder in PETG instead of PLA for it’s higher melting point.

Lithophane Lamp

Lithophane Lamp base 3d printed mothersday gift ideas with ender 3 pla and petg
Lithophane Lamp Box Frame (Source: KaitlynH)

The lithophane lamp is a unique personal addition to your home decor. Lightweight and stylish, it’s perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. You can print several extra lithophane panels to swap out the images easily.

Self Watering Plant Pot

self watering pot 3d printed gift ideas for mom and mothers day gift printed with pla and bamboo x1
Self-watering maintenance-free plant pot. (Source:PARALLELGOODS)

Another one of my favorite prints is the self-watering plant pot. I no longer worry about overwatering or forgetting to water myplants with this cleverly designed pot. Its built-in reservoir ensures that your plants receive just the right amount of water they need, keeping them healthy and thriving even when you’re away.

Anti Gravity Succulent Pot

3d printed mothers day gift succulent pot
Floating succulent pot. (Source: 3D_PRINT_IT)

This Succulent Pot is the perfect gift for any plant-loving mom. The pot defies gravity by suspending the plant in a seemingly baseless pot. I recommend printing with a loose support structure to make this print successful on your first attempt. The supported surface will not be visible, so you don’t have to worry about the surface finish.

Custom Bath Bomb Heart Mold

heart mold for diy bath bomb – 3d printed mothers day gift idea ender 5 and pla
Heart-shaped mold for homemade bath bombs. (Source: dagg3r)

Does your mom appreciate a quiet bath once in a while? Or better yet, does she have a favorite smell (lavender or rose)? If so, you can 3D print heart-shaped mold to create custom DIY bath bombs.

I love you Toast Stamp

toast stamp i love you mothers day 3d printed gift idea pla ender 3 v3
“I Love You” press the toast stamp. (Source: iamburny)

If you plan to host a brunch or breakfast in bed, you need this bread stamp. I was surprised at how easy it was to use and how readable the text is on your toast. My only recommendation is to print the file with the letters backward; this will ensure that it can be read properly when on the toast.

Jewlery Tower

3d printed jewelry tower 3d printed mothers day gift idea
Custom printed jewelry tower. (Source: oakridgeturner)

This 3D-printed jewelry tower may be a good gift for her. The display has space for hanging all her necklaces and bracelets and also features many small containers for earrings and rings. I printed this in wood filament, and it looks incredible.

Elegent Heart Shaped Jewelry Box

Heart shaped jewlery box 3d printed gift idea for mothers day. (1)
(Photo by Mario/3D Print Mentor)

If a jewelry tower isn’t your mom’s style, check out this elegant design from The Great Mr. Bill. To make this print a bit more special, I printed it using wooden pla so I could sand and stain it for an authentic look.

#1 MOM Desk Organizer

number one mom desk organizer 3d printed gift idea for mothers day using pla and ender 3
Mom pen desk organizer. (Source: RyGuy)

If your mom is an office worker or a teacher, this could be a thoughtful gift that will make her think of you even when she is away at work. You can personalize this by printing it on a fancy filament like silk or wood.

Momma Bear and Cub Desk Decoration

mom and baby bear 3d printed gift idea for mothers day anycubic vyper and pla
Mama Bear sculpture. (Source: AlexStormND)

This gift idea is especially special for first-time moms or moms with little kids. Having this on their desk or shelf decor will always remind them of their little cubs. My favorite way to print these is in a matte-finish filament or carbon filament to hide the layer lines and still show off the curves and detail of the sculpture.

Mama Heart Floral Decoration

Mama Heart Floral Decoration 3d Printed in PLA
Mama flower decoration. (Source: RDAchs)

If you’re planning to gift your mom some flowers this Mother’s Day, why not spruce them up with a personalized decoration? This heart “Mama” is the perfect addition to your floral arrangement.

Ultrasound Lithophane

Ultrasound lithophane for mothers day 3d printed
Heart-shaped lithophane (Source: Lithophane Maker)

Printing a heart-shaped lithophane of her ultrasound photo could be the perfect way to celebrate a mom’s first Mother’s Day. You can personalize it further by drilling a hole in the corner and printing it small enough to be used as a keychain or Christmas ornament. This will help the new mom bring her baby with her wherever she goes.

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