3D Printed Valentine’s Day Gifts: 20 Ideas To Print

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3D Printed Valentine’s Day Gifts on a Creality Ender 3 V3 KE

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to express your affection than with unique, personalized creations? This is the perfect opportunity to use your skills to bring joy to your loved ones with 3D Printed Valentine’s Day Gifts. From charming trinkets to jewelry boxes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to printing your way into someone’s heart.

Super Rose

Rose stem for a long lasting bouquet
Nothing says love like a rose (Source: 3DPrinterSuperstore via Thingiverse)

The Super Rose is a blend of timeless tradition and modern innovation. Why give just a flower this Valentine’s Day when you can gift an entire creative experience?

There is no need to water or risk of wilting – just a beautiful, eternal bloom that speaks volumes without saying a word.

Love you Toast Stamp

Toast stamp to enhance your valentines breakfast in bed
Little detail for your love ones breakfast in bed. (Source: iambunny via Thingiverse)

Elevate your breakfast-in-bed game with the “Love You” Toast Stamp – where the warmth of freshly toasted bread meets a heartfelt message. Nothing says “Good Morning” like a breakfast sandwich adorned with a simple yet powerful message.

Jewelry Box with dividers

Wooden Heart Shaped Jewelry Box
Heart shaped Jewelry Box with removable dividers. (Source: TheGreatMrBill via Thingiverse)

This 3d printed Jewelry Box will surely be as beautiful as its contents. With intricately designed roses adorning the box, every lid lift unveils a small, sentimental garden. Personalize it by choosing your loved one’s favorite color or stain wood PLA for a more timeless look.

Mechanical Gift Box

mechanical heart shaped gift box pla
Mechanical multicolored heart shape gift box. (Source: ClockSpring via Myminifactory)

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the ordinary with a gift pulsing with emotion and innovation. Personalize the experience by placing a special gift inside.

This box also features active hinges, which really sets it apart from other 3D printable boxes.

Lithophane Lamp Maker

valentines day 3d printed lithophane
Lithophane Lamp Generator. (Source: 
Thomas Brooks via LithophaneMaker)

Illuminate your love story with a Lithophane Lamp this Valentine’s Day. Give a warm glow that captures your cherished moments in a beautifully crafted 3D printed lamp.

Personalize the lamp with one of your favorite images that can serve as a good memory for years to come.

Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

3d printed heart cookie cutter for valentines day pla
Heart shaped cookie cutter. (Source: RUBENVUUREN via Cults3D)

Compact and easy to use, the “Heart Cookie Cutter” invites you to create a batch of love-infused treats. Whether you’re baking for your significant other, family, or friends, these heart-shaped cookies carry the warmth of your sentiments.

Valentine Heart Ring

Heart Ring 3d printed pla
Ring made up of many hearts (Source: BonGarcon via MyMiniFactory)

This Valentine’s Day, embrace simplicity with a ring that speaks volumes without saying a word.

The ring features an intertwining design of hearts, symbolizing your heart’s beautiful connection.

Gift it to a loved one. Just be sure to scale it appropriately to be a perfect fit.

Love Heart Shaped Frame

Love Heart Shaped Pictrue Frame for Valentines Day 3d Printed
Heart shaped picture frame (Source: JEFFERSONSAAVEDRAPAIVA via Cults3D)

This setup spells out ‘Love.’ And the ‘O’? Well, it’s not just a letter; it’s a heart-shaped frame begging for a snapshot that tugs at your heartstrings.

Customize it with a picture of you and your loved ones and place it on the shelf so it can be enjoyed all year round.

Heart Shaped Gift Box

3d printed heart shaped gift box for valentines in pla
Valentine’s Day chocolate gift box (Source: RayneMan via Thingiverse)

Elevate your Valentine’s Day gift-giving with a heart-shaped gift box. Be sure to scale it appropriately to fit whatever surprise lies within it.

Geometric Heart Shaped Key Chain

Heart Shaped Key Chain 3d printed PLA
3d heart key chain (Source: Candice Howe via Thingiverse)

Carry your love wherever they go with a 3d printed heart key chain. Not only is it a practical gift, but it is also a tangible symbol of your affection. This keychain will also serve as a reminder of your love every time they go to pick up their keys.

Love House Decor

love display large house decor 3d printed pla
modern “LOVE” house decor (Source: drayde via Thingiverese)

Elevate your room with the 3D printed “LOVE” decor. Not only will it add to the space, it will also be a constant reminder of the love you share.

Square Lithophane Desk Lamp

square 3d printed lithophane desk lamp frame 8 photo petg
8 picture square lithophane lamp (Source: kevinbragg via Thingiverse)

This custom lamp turns your cherished photos into a mesmerizing display of light and shadow. The lithophane technique beautifully translates your pictures into intricate, three-dimensional images that come to life when lit from within. The soft glow emanating from each panel creates a heartwarming ambiance, making this lamp a truly personalized and memorable addition to any room.

Romantic Candle Holder

romantic 3d printed valentines day candle holder fdm pla
Geometric, twist tea light candle holder (Source: jeanmatthieud via Thingiverse)

Add to the ambience of a romantic valentines dinner with candle light.

These 3d printed tea light candle holder will be sure to light up any space and will be sure to set the mood for your valentines.

Floating Tea Light Candle Holder

Romantic Valentines Day Tea Light Bath Candel Holder 3d printed pla
Floating “Love” tea light candle holder (Source: acwakefoud via Thingiverse)

This floating candle holder not only adds a touch of style to your bathroom but is also designed for lasting use. Its minimalist and compact design makes it a perfect fit for any bath space, turning your Valentines relaxation time into a spa-like retreat.

Modern Vase

Modern 3d printable vase for valentines flowers pla
Geometric minimalistic flower vase (Source: BigBadBison via Thingiverse)

Versatile and charming, the design fits seamlessly into various spaces, whether adorning a romantic dinner table or bedside or acting as a standalone expression of devotion. Bring an extra layer of romance to your Valentine’s Day with a 3D Printed Modern Vase, where technology and sentiment unite to enhance your floral arrangements and create a lasting memory.

Heart Bookmark

3d printed heart bookmark valentines day gift pla
Minimalistic heart corner bookmark. (Source: ohad135 via Thingiverse)

A thoughtful and charming Valentine’s Day gift idea for the book lover in your life.

The minimalistic design makes this small print become a meaningful gift.

Blooming Heart

valentines day blooming flower heart box ed printed pla
Blooming Flower with a Heart Center. (Source: FRAGRANTABYSS vis Cults3D)

Nothing says “I Love You” like a flower and a heart. This print has both. Perfect for valentines day to be used as decor at a romantic dinner or used as a cake topper.

Heart Shaped Napkin Holder

Valentines Day Heart Napkin Holder 3d printed petg
Napkin holder featuring three hearts. (Source: sarahperdue5 via Thingiverse)

As you set the stage for a memorable evening, this napkin holder becomes a subtle yet impactful detail, enhancing the overall ambiance. It’s not just about holding napkins; it’s about infusing your dinner with a sweet, romantic touch. Imagine your loved one’s smile as they discover this heartwarming surprise on the dinner table.

Honeycomb Love Lamp

Honeycomb Valentines Day Love Lamp 3d printed using pla
Valentine’s Day Love Lamp. (Source: Bemko via Thingiverse)

This charming 3D printed lamp is the perfect gift to illuminate the bond between you and your loved one. The honeycomb love lamp features a cylindrical honeycomb pattern that casts a warm, inviting glow. Adorning this intricate mesh are bold red hearts and the word “LOVE” in a striking, raised font that wraps around the lamp, creating a vivid contrast and a touch of sophistication. At the forefront, a playful silhouette of Cupid draws his bow, ready to strike with an arrow of affection.

Heart Shaped Earrings

Heart earrings 3d printed perfect handmade gift for valentines day
3D Printed Heart-Shaped Earrings. (Source: kendel3D via Thingiverse)

This Valentine’s Day, gift a piece of your heart with our 3D Printed Heart-Shaped Earrings – a charming and enduring token that beautifully captures the spirit of the season.

Simply print out the heart and then go to your nearest craft store to get the earring hardware and you are set.

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