My 19 Favorite 3D Prints For Organization

Marcello De Lio

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Maintaining order in our daily lives often feels like an uphill battle. The quest for practical and customizable storage solutions has led us on a search to find the best 3D prints for organization.

Kitchen Spice Rack Drawer

3d printed kitchen spice rack drawer printed in pla
Spice rack organizing drawer. (Source: ciser)

No matter how hard I tried, I could never find a simple solution to keep my spices tidy. This 3D-printed spice rack drawer helps keep my spices organized. This simple 3D model neatly tucks away under a shelf and displays all my spices so I don’t lose track of the oregano.

Under Desk Drawer

under desk mounted drawer 3d printed in pla with bamboo labs p1p
Universal desk drawer storage solution. (Source: WilliamPastiche)

This 3D-printed under-desk drawer keeps your workspace tidy without occupying your desk. The concealed drawer set offers quite a lot of extra storage. Since this model is screwed into the desk, it can also hold an impressive amount of weight and is quite durable, especially if you print it in ABS or PETG.

Clamped Under Desk Drawer

No screws, clamped undermound desk drawer fully 3d printed
Universal desk drawer clamped to desk edge. (Source: EddieEdEdwardo)

Similar to the above, this concealed drawer set is neatly tucked under the desk. However, this model doesn’t require screws and simply clips to the edge of your desk. Despite being a clip-in, I find it is also quite strong and doesn’t require any extra hardware.

SAE Socket Organizer

3d printed imperial socet and wrench set holder made from petg and ender 3
Short and long toolbox socket organizer. (Source: CoolChicken)

Never lose another socket again with this low-profile socket organizer. Perfect for your toolbox, all short and long sockets rest perfectly in the groves. I really enjoy using this organizer because it helps me keep track of all my sockets. It also reminds me to put back my sockets when I’m done because I can visually see the empty space in the holder.

Cable Desk Holder

3dprinted cable holder pla
(Photo by Mario/3D Print Mentor)

Say goodbye to the mess of charging cables on your desk. This cable organizer keeps your cables easily accessible and neatly organized off your desk’s side. It’s designed with up to 12 slots ensuring all your cables will fit.

Twist Mushroom Container

mushroom container desk organizer 3d printing
Screw-on organizer that resembles a mushroom from Super Mario. (Source: 3DPrinty)

This mushroom container adds a touch of fun to your desk storage. Whether placed on a shelf or desk, this Super Mario-themed container one-ups your organization of small items.

Filament Spool Desk Organizer

old filament spool toolbox and storage container 3d printed
The used filament spool was upcycled and turned into a small item organizer. (Source: MatterHackers)

This clever print reduces waste by reusing your old filament spool holders. The clever filament spool toolbox adds compartments to your spool to create a clever storage solution. I use mine to hold small tools, USB’s, SD cards, Allen keys, screws, and other spare parts for my printer.

Garbage Bag Roll Holder

3d printed garbage bag roll holder pla or petg
Garbage bag roll holder mounted to the back of a cabinet door. (Source: Va_Le)

Here is a print that you probably never knew you needed. This clever print organizes your cabinet doors to organize your trash. The best part is that you can customize the print for different bad sizes by scaling the model. This 3D print makes it much easier to find and change the bags on garbage day.

Mini Tool Box Desk Organizer

mini tool cabinate desk organizer printed using pla and petg
Desk organizer that resembles a toolbox. (Source: DiTech Fabrications)

Nothing says tool organizer quite like a tool chest. Now, you can organize your desk tools like you would your garage tools with the Mini Took Box Desk Organizer. It can also make the perfect gift for the gearhead in your life, and one of my favorite desk accessories.

AA and AAA Battery Holder

AA and AAA battery gravity organizer fully 3d printed using pla
Wall-mounted AA and AAA battery gravity-fed dispenser. (Source: ORM)

If you’re like me, you have trouble finding space to store all your AA and AAA batteries. This gravity-fed device makes it easy to find and store your batteries without clutter.

Honeycomb Key Holder

Honeycomb plugin in key holder printed with black pla
Honeycomb plug-in key holder wall mounted. (Source: mpgreenough1986)

Are you tired of losing your keys? This print keeps your keys neatly organized in a unique, behave key holder. It’s Un-bee-lievably stylish. Unlike other tray-style key organizers, this one is wall-mounted, and you plug your keys into it.

Multitool Desk Organizer

compact desktop organizer for all your desktop clutter fully printed using petg
This desk organizer offers storage for all your office essentials. (Source: Byzantium3D)

Often, the simplest designs prove to be the best. This desk organizer is compact, stylish, and has enough room to house all your important desk tools. I like the purpose-built compartments for USBs and SD cards so I don’t keep losing my storage devices.

Nut and Bolt Pen Holder

3dprinted nut and bolt pen holder ender 3
(Photo by Mario/3D Print Mentor)

The Nut and Bolt pen holder for gear heads and tinkerers. It’s an awesome addition to your desk or workstation, keeping you organized and creating a fun conversation starter. When I printed it out, I noticed the original nut was a bit tight, especially around the Z seam. I recommend printing it with the “looser nut” file so that the bolt is usable, turning it into desktop storage and a 3D-printed fidget toy.

Shoe Organizer

compact shoe organizer fully 3d printed using pla
Minimalistic shoe organizer (Source:jordi_id7)

My shoe collection is one part of my home organization that always seems to suffer. No matter how hard I try, I can never organize my shoe closet. This 3D-printed shoe organizer solves my sneaker organization and reduces the amount of space my shoes take up in my closet.

Music Amp Desk Organizer

guitar AMP 3d printed pen holder and desk organizer made from petg on the ender 3 v3
Pen holder that resembles a music amplifier. (Source: Mc_Orkel)

This AMP pen holder is a great workspace addition, perfect for music lovers and songwriters. You can personalize the file to your favorite AMP, which is spacious enough to house all your desk tools.

Modern Honeycomb Cosmetic Organizer

honeycomb bathroom perfume wall organizer fully 3d printed using white pla
Wall mounted shelving solution for cosmetics. (Source: mishkin2)

This modern honeycomb cosmetic organizer displays all your cosmetics and perfumes. My favorite part about this wall-mounted organizer is its modular and extendability. You can be sure that all your items will be organized in a minimally designed honeycomb organizer.

Travel Wrench Organizer

travel wrench organizer 3d printed with ender 3 v3 se with hyper pla
Travel wrench organizer with handle. (Source:Skedmannen3D )

Keeping your tools organized is key to ensuring a stress-free project. If you’re like me and your workshop is a disaster, here is one print that can help you. I’ve printed several wrench organizers in the past, but this one is my favorite because it closes nicely. The lock makes it easy to take your wrenches on the go with you.

Belt Closet Organizer

belt closet hanger for belt organization 3d printed with black pla
Belt hanger for closet organization. (Source: edmomot )

Belts are awkwardly shaped and hard to store. This 3D print helps organize your belt and prevent creases. You can customize this print by adjusting the hook size so it effortlessly fits in your closet.

Rubber Band Organizer

3d printed rubber band organizer
(Photo by Mario/3D Print Mentor)

Thanks to muzz64, you will never have to throw out or search for a rubber band again. What I like most about this print is that you can categorize each band by size, so you don’t have to search through a tangly mess again.

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