About Us

Professional 3D Printer printing an industrial part beside a laptop

3D Print Mentor is a site dedicated to helping and inspiring makers and creatives in the world of 3D printing.

We strive to provide actionable tips, tricks, and advice to help you bring your hobby to its fullest potential. We’ve developed our knowledge of 3D printing over a decade of tinkering and making.

Meet Your Mentors

3D Print Mentor was founded by brothers Marcello and Mario Leo. The brothers were first introduced to the world of 3D printing when their high school purchased a 3D printer.

Their passion for 3D printing quickly grew into a career in making and engineering. Marcello is an experienced creator with a successful Esty shop. Mario is a mechanical engineer with experience in rapid prototyping and industrial component design.

The two brothers have over three decades of combined experience and have several thousand hours of printing under their belts.

The advice from 3D Print Mentor is backed by expert knowledge and experience, providing you with actionable tips to improve your passion.

Marcello De Lio headhsot on Serenade of the Seas in Alaska

Marcello De Lio

Marcello has over a decade of experience with 3D printing. After building a successful business selling prints online, Marcello co-founded 3D Print Mentor to teach and inspire makers.

  • Favorite Printer: Bambu Lab P1P
  • Favorite Filament: Polymaker PolyTerra PLA
  • Favorite Design Software: Blender
  • Favorite Slicer: Cura and Simplify3D
Mario de lio headshot with bush background

Mario De Lio

Mario is a Mechanical Engineer working at one of the largest industrial printing companies in the country. He previously owned a rapid prototyping company and specialized in designing parts for 3D printers.

  • Favorite Printer: Original Prusa MK4
  • Favorite Filament: Eryone PETG
  • Favorite Design Software: Solidworks
  • Favorite Slicer: Cura