Mario De Lio

Mario De Lio

Mario is a Mechanical Engineer with experience working at one of the largest industrial printing companies in the country. He previously owned a rapid prototyping company specializing in designing mechanical parts for 3D printing applications.

Experience: Mario got his start in 3D printing when his high school invested in a MakerBot Lab. Mario gained a passion for mechanical design and engineering through the after-school program. Two years later, he got his first 3D printer as a graduation gift from his parents – an Ender 3 that still sits in his home office.

Expertise: Throughout his journey, Mario gained expertise in several key areas, including 3D printing, rapid prototyping, mechanical design, mechanical engineering, additive manufacturing, and thermodynamics. His deep understanding of these subjects has given him advanced insight into the world of 3D printing, which he shares with readers through this blog.

Over the years, Mario has gained expertise working with over 50 different 3D printers, including FDM, resin, powder, and metal 3D printers.

Education: Mario got his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 2019 from Mohawk College. He furthered his education with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lakehead University in 2022.

Mario furthers his education with hands-on learning and networking with like-minded hobbyists. 3D printing is more than a hobby. Mario’s passion is using 3D printing to solve industry problems and finding real-world applications where additive manufacturing can make a difference.