Marcello De Lio

Marcello De Lio

Marcello co-founded 3D Print Mentor to share his love of 3D printing. Marcello used to own an online 3D printing company, where he sold unique designs and customized novelty gifts. After closing the business, Marcello’s new passion is 3D printing replica movie props and cosplay items.

Experience: Marcello got his start in 3D printing when his high school invested in a MakerBot Lab. Using his skills in 3D design, Marcello began creating models to share with friends and family. After getting his first 3D printer, Marcello began to create cosplay helmets and replica movie props.

After honing his skills, Marcello started an online business selling customized gifts, original designs, and novelty items.

Expertise: Through real-world experience and much trial and error, Marcello gained expertise in 3D printing large-scale items, post-processing, painting, running an online business, and selling 3D prints.

Over the years, Marcello has worked with various FDM and resin 3D printers.

Education: Marcello obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Brock in 2018.