15 Useful 3D Prints for Students To Keep Your Desk Organized

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A photo of the most useful 3D prints for students on a modern desk with a laptop and bookshelf in the background. There is a bright yellow 3d printed organizer and a bright red printed storage tool

Staying organized as a student can be challenging, as does balancing classes, homework, jobs, friends, and sports. With so much to do and so little time in the day, it doesn’t take long for your desk to become a cluttered nightmare.

Without an organized workspace, it’s difficult to muster the little motivation you have to complete your assignments on time.

We’ve looked at the most useful 3D prints for students like you to keep your desk organized, increase productivity, and have fun in the process.

Desk Cable Organizer

A 3D printed desk cable organizer (Photo by Mario@3dprintmentor.com)

The Desk Cable Organizer is a practical solution that tames the chaos of charging cables on your desk. The sleek and minimalist design offers a simple yet effective way to keep all your charging cables neatly organized and easily accessible. Simply hook all your cables to the side of your desk to organize your charging cables.

Desk Organizer

minamalistic desk organizer 3d print stl made with pla and creality ender 3 v3
Desktop organizer for all your small office supplies (Source: xTheWeissBrot)

This 3D-printed desk organizer offers a storage space for all your essential desk tools. The storage solution has a pen holder, multiple containers, and space for sticky notes. The desk organizer helps you declutter your desk and keep your mind clear.

Filament Spool Organizer

recycled filament spool turned desk tool organizer
The recycled FDM filament spool turns into a small item storage container. (Source: MattKerekanich)

Transforming waste into functionality, the Recycled Filament Spool Tool Organizer is a brilliant example of sustainability meeting practicality. The organizer uses old filament spools to create a clever, eco-friendly solution to declutter your workspace.

Alarm Clock Google Home Mini Stand

retro alarm clock google mini holder print with white pla
Retro style holder for Google Home mini. (Source: Yelt)

Your study desk isn’t complete without a smart speaker. The Google Home Alarm Clock stand is more fun than useful, but it adds a bit of excitement to your workspace. This 3D print delightfully fuses modern technology and vintage charm.

Can Handle

(Photo by Mario@3dprintmentor.com)

Elevate your drinking experience with the Can Handle 3D Print. It’s a clever accessory that brings comfort to your drinks. The can handle enhances your grip and prevents chilly fingers. If you are handy with CAD, you can personalize the file by writing your name on it and ensuring you don’t lose your drink at a party.

Bottle Opener Cap Gun

Bottle Opener cap gun party 3d print pla petg cratliy prusia
Bottle opener and cap gun launcher. (Source: 3Deddy)

Unleash a burst of fun with the Bottle Opener Cap Gun 3D Print. The unique accessory transforms your standard bottle opener into an exciting cap-launching device, adding a playful twist to any party. Avoid aiming at your good friend (or enemy) as the metal cap can cause injury.

Laptop Stand

Laptop stand 3d print file fdm 0.4mm nozzle made with carbon pla
Laptop cooling stand (Source: The Mabur )

Upgrade your workspace with the Laptop Stand 3D Print, a sleek and versatile accessory designed to enhance your ergonomic comfort and productivity. This 3D-printed laptop stand elevates your screen for ergonomics and helps keep your computer running cool. The airflow under your computer ensures more airflow for longer use and quieter fans.

Shoe Organizer

minamilist show organizer printed with black petg and creality ender 5
A minimalistic shoe organizer for closets. (Source: jordi_id7)

One of the hassles of student living is the lack of space for storing shoes. This shoe organizer makes use of your limited space, allowing you to stack your shoes without surfing the sneaker. Your shoes no longer clutter your floor which is important for tidying your dorm room.

Headphone Stand

colored heaphone stand 3d print file made fom two tone pla
Headphone desk stand. (Source: MOSAICMANUFACTURING)

A good headphone stand is perfect for gamers, students, and music lovers. This 3D printed headphone stand ensures you can find your headphones, and they don’t clutter your desk.

Mini Desk Trash Can

mini 3d printed trash can for office desk or car cup holder
Mini desktop garbage can. (Source: MAKEIT3D)

This miniature trash can offers a convenient solution for disposing of small items such as paper scraps, used tissues, or snack wrappers. It helps you easily maintain a clean and tidy environment around your desk. If you’re like me and tend to let little clutter (wrappers) hang around for too long, then this is the perfect print for you.

Super Mario Modular Desk Organizer

modular super mario themed desk organizer printed using multicoloured pla
Original Super Mario inspired desk organizer. (Source:samster 3d )

The Super Mario Themed Modular Desk Organizer is a playful and functional desk accessory. The Nintendo-inspired storage solution brings a touch of nostalgia to your workspace and keeps your study tools organized.

Phone Amplifier

phone speaker amplifier universal prined in pla or petg
Phone stand that amplifies music. (Source: Coffreedom_Official)

This sleek and innovative 3D-printed accessory amplifies your phone’s speakers so you can blast music without carrying a heavy speaker. The amplifier harnesses the power of acoustics to amplify the sound from your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy music, podcasts, and phone calls with greater clarity and volume. P.S. This is great for impromptu parties or study sessions.

Phone Stand

(Photo by Mario@3dprintmentor.com)

A good phone stand is a must for students. Whether you’re watching videos, video calling, or following a recipe in the kitchen, this simple phone stand is convenient and doesn’t take up much space on your desk. (Photo by Mario@3dprintmentor.com)

Sticky Note Holder with Stencil

3d printed sticky note postie holder with stencil pla
Post-it note holder with checklist stencil. (Source: Kyle Martin)

This accessory combines organization and efficiency in one compact design. The sticky note holder makes it easy to turn your sticky notes into checklists so you can stay on task. It’s perfect for keeping track of tasks, jotting down reminders, and creating to-do lists.

Beer Pong Funnel

beer pong multi funnel 3d printed in pla
Beer pong multi funnel to evenly fill all glasses at once. (Source:NICOSDESIGN3D )

This funnel makes it easy to setup games of beer pong. Not much explanation is needed.

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